Telecom Terms and Conditions

There’s nothing hidden or any rules that a reasonable person wouldn’t expect. We try to be fair in terms of credit control and usage.

In addition to our general abbreviated terms and our full legal terms and conditions:

  1. Payment for line rental is monthly in advance and must be paid before renewal of the service. Call charges are charged monthly in arrears and must be paid within 14 days of invoice date. Contract terms are 1 month rolling (unless otherwise stated, eg for free line installs). We require 30 days notice of termination notice prior to your renewal date to avoid being charged for the following month. This can be from the primary email account but we recommend recorded mail. If you opted to pay by credit card you are agreeing to continuous authority to charge the card we hold on file (securely) until the service or contract is terminated.
  2. New line installs are free of charge and on a 12 month minimum contract and then 1 month rolling. Early termination requires paying the £150 inc VAT installation fee.
  3. You can migrate your telephone number and call service to any other provider with 30 days notice. You will be issued a refund for the unused portion of any unused line rental paid minus the 30 days notice required. You will not be refunded for call inclusive fees.
  4. Lines are transferred like for like and will be invoiced for any services already attached – we don’t always get notifications of these in advance so assume you details of these somewhere. Please let us know of these prior to ordering if possible.
  5. All engineering work is provided by BT Openreach and any charges arising from them in respect of your line will be passed on at our advertised rates, or if not advertised passed directly to you. These will be invoiced automatically. We do not accept liability for loss or loss arising from failure of your phone service. BT Openreach do provide compensation which we apply for on your behalf and pass this back to your directly. The exact details of these depend on the care plan for your line.
  6. We reserve to right to terminate or adjust the terms of the contract with 30 days notice. FUP: Our OneVoice:Unlimited plan is for residential use only and may not be used for business purposes. We reserve the right to monitor usage and impose a fair usage guideline limit of 3000 minutes per month. Should a line go over this, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement.
  7. Calls are charged per second with a minimum charge equal to 1 minute of the call-type rate, and per second thereafter. Calls are calculated in pence to two decimal places, added together each month and then rounded up to the nearest penny.
  8. Unlimited call plans include calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers. 08 and 09 numbers are charged at premium rates, 07 numbers at mobile rates. There is no call connection charge. Unlimited calls over 60 minutes are charged at the full rates (including the first 60 mins).
  9. Line rental remains BT-based and is not unbundled (LLU).