Leased Lines

LightSpeed Ethernet Broadband-
up to 1GB Leased Lines

Supercharge your organisation’s internet connection with a leased line from MacAce. With none of the contention and slowdowns you get on traditional Fibre or FTTP services, you enjoy the full speed of your connection – up to 1GB broadband (1Gbps). A leased line significantly increases your organisation’s internet speed and recommended for more than 30 users where internet reliability and consistent speed is required. Talk to us now about how we can get you the best deal on new or renewing your leased line.

No Contention Speeds up to 1Gbps Free Install + Router


Fast broadband for mac

Leased lines provide dedicated, guaranteed, un-contended speeds from 100Mbps to 1Gbps and are based on a 100Mbps or 1Gbps bearer. Because it’s fibre from your premises directly into our network over either BT, TalkTalk or Virgin’s super-high capacity ATM Fibre network, the latency is also ultra-low. You’ll always get the speed you pay for.


Reliable hosting

Ethernet Leased lines are fibre based end-to-end and so offer the highest reliability levels possible – and with a 99.99% SLA and 4 hour repair response time. A high quality Cisco router is provided free of charge to ensure the very best reliability on-premise too. Cisco Routers are designed to maintain very long uptime – often staying active for the whole length of the contract!

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Leased Line PDF DataSheet

Why Leased Line?

  • Consistent, high-speed internet connection with very low latency
  • Dedicated, guaranteed bandwidth – perfect for multi-user environments
  • Asynchronous – so fast speeds both up and down
  • Rock solid reliability with 99.99% uptime
  • Best care levels from MacAce and “last mile” provider
  • Independent advice – we provide lines based on all three major operators.

Specialist Solutions

With over 20 years experience, MacAce can provide specialist advice, installation and configuration for a range or different organisations.


Superfast broadband for schools and universities with rock-solid reliability. MacAce has masses of experience with the education sector and can provide advice, solutions and consultation for Firewalls and Web-Filtering from all of the major players and well as cloud solutions to suit your budgets. Our Education pricing is often significantly lower whilst the quality of our award-winning service and support is second to none. Contact us now for a bespoke solution to meet your school’s needs and budget.


Leased Lines for business internet or point-to-point to connect offices at superfast speeds, MacAce has a wealth of experience in the digital media sectors as well as providing bespoke solutions to local and national government agencies. However complex or demanding your bandwidth requirements, MacAce has the solution for you. Contact us to solve your speed, capacity or budgetary issues.

Shared Use

We can provide specialist solutions for shared-tenancy buildings, offices, campuses, flats and retirement homes at excellent rates. With experience in GPON 3-play delivery, infrastructure cabling, fibre deployment and the latest WiFi topologies, we’re sure we can provide you with the best solution at the best price. Lets have a chat today about new or renewal contracts.

Award Winning Support

MacAce is a multi award-winning internet service provider, finalist and winners of a cabinet full of prestigious national awards from the likes of ISPA and IDG Media. We have a dedicated team of solution experts and support engineers who’s fanatical aim is to provide our customers with the very highest levels of service and support. 24/7 network monitoring, 6 minute call-queue, automatic call-back and automated service status alerting are just a few of the measure we put in place to ensure continuous improvement in support levels.

Free Install

No install cost at all on 3 year contracts (Excess last-mile install charges above £3000 will be passed on at cost, subject to survey)

Free Router

Free high-quality Cisco router provided and preconfigured for every leased line installation.

Expert Advice

Free advice and consultation from our internationally accredited network engineers and solutions experts.

Best Prices

You’ll find our prices surprisingly refreshing and often much lower than most – try us, you’ll be impressed…

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Leased Line FAQs

Can I upgrade my speed during the contract?
Yes, you can upgrade your speeds up to the maximum for the bearer speed of your line. You just pay the additional monthly costs up to the end of your contract. You cannot upgrade from a 100Mbps bearer to a 1Gbps bearer during the contract though.
What are “bearers”?
The bearer is the maximum capacity of the line. So a 100Mbps bearer can be any speed up to 100Mbps but not beyond - if you wanted to upgrade to more than 100Mbps on a 100Mbps bearer during the contract period, you'd need a new line. 1000Mbps bearers are required for anything up to 1000Mbps and recommended if you anticipate starting at or below 100Mbps and upgrading during the period. However, because install is free (and future costs may come down), you don't usually need to have a larger bearer than you need for your current contract period.
Are there any additional costs?
Our leased lines come with free installation and free router, so there are normally no additional costs. The installation is carried out normally by a local contractor or the "last" mile provider (Openreach, Virgin, TalkTalk etc). Any works over and above £3000 will be passed on at cost. This is fairly rare - but if you live in a lighthouse, there will probably be additional install costs!
How long does it take to install?
Typically you should allow a minimum of 60-90 days for delivery. Sometimes it can take longer than this especially is planning permission delays come into play if roads need digging up. Typically we see this when there are other works in progress on the particular road the contractor needs. Because trenching will often be required for at least some part of the installation, sometimes with several different segments - sometimes different councils, the process can take a great deal of surveying and planning. Longer than 90 days is rare, but rest assured, we work very hard to deliver the leased line as quickly as possible.
Can I connect two offices?
Yes, leased lines are a great way to connect offices together where you have high data sharing for files or voice. Because you eliminate the Internet from these transactions, your connection is even faster and more reliable.  Some companies chose to have bespoke setups with one or more leased lines connecting branch offices and one for internet access. We'll be happy to discuss the best option to suit your needs.
What hardware is supplied?
Depending on the speed of the connection, we supply either Cisco 1800 (sub 300Mbps) or Cisco 3800 (300Mbp+) routers, pre-configured and optimised to deliver full speeds. These routers are datacentre-grade and offer very high lifetime and uptime capabilities - they are top of the range. The routers remain the property of MacAce at all times and it's configuration cannot be changed at all to add extra functions such as firewall or bespoke routing - this should be performed inside of your network. You are required to provide a cool place for this to reside with plenty of airflow (we'll choose a good place when we install everything). We can supply security appliances or advise on these should you require it.
What’s the Service Level Agreement?
Leased lines have less moving parts that other broadband technologies so there's less that can go wrong - meaning leased lines are the most reliable form of internet connection. SLA's are very high with MacAce - 4 hour response time and same day target for a fix. We put premium care levels all every part of the system to ensure 99.99% uptime as a minimum.
Why is a Leased line faster than FTTP or FTTC?
If you compare a 300Mbps FTTP (fibre to the premise) product against a 300Mbps Leased line you'll see that the leased line is generally much faster. FTTP uses fibre from your local street cabinet to your premises, and is full fibre end-to-end, but the connection is shared with other users. FTTC is fibre to the cabinet and then slow copper for the remainder. So with these "shared" broadband technologies, you share the fibre and its routing equipment with lots of other users - sometimes hundreds. Leased Line speeds are also asymmetric, meaning the speeds are the same for both upload and download whereas FTTP/FTTC tend to be lower bandwidth and have about 10% upload capability - like 300Mbps down, 30Mbps up for example. Imagine having a 100mile motorway and a 300Mph car. If the"shared" motorway is busy, you'll be doing 70Mbps much of the time but on your own motorway, you can hit the metal all the way!
What is Leased Line?
A leased line, often called Ethernet, is a direct and dedicated fibre connection from your premise to a local point of presence (usually the telephone exchange) which then connects to a national fibre ATM network to the ISP's network who then connect to the Internet. It can also connect two premises directly. It has the advantage of high reliability and low latency due to being all fibre.