Affiliate Partner


Recommend our services to your friends, family, website/blog visitors and earn generous commission rates. Recommend a £99 hosting product and receive £25! We’ve made it so easy to become an Affiliate Partner and so easy to earn rewards for recommending us!

And it doesn’t take much effort…
Use your social media, email your friends, post our banners on your sites, review us, post recommendations on forums etc. Don’t forget to insert your specially-coded link. If the link is used to purchase our services, you get a commission, simple.

Super-generous payouts...

Hosting and Email
Broadband and Telecoms
£25 for both
Hosting and Email
Payout is value of first subscription period.
Payout is value of first subscription period.
Broadband and Telecoms
Both parties get £25 for broadband + phone bundle signup
Payout is value of first subscription - 1 year minimum, 10 years max.
Payout Point
Hosting and Email
60 days after paid.
60 days after paid.
Broadband and Telecoms
On completion of order

3 ways to get paid

  • Apple Kit: You heard it, you can get paid in actual Apple kit from the Apple Store – anything you want – including vouchers towards bigger purchases! Now that’s a reward worth posting on a few forums!
  • Credit: Get your own broadband or hosting for free by getting paid in MacAce Credit against your account.
  • Paypal: Cold hard cash… well the nearest thing the internet can do. Transfer it to your bank and draw it out of one of those magic machines in the wall if you want – or just spend it at Ebay or Amazon, or wherever you like!

30 Day Cookies

We don’t just pay out if the customer purchases straight away – if they purchase at any time within 30 days of using your link, you’ll get your commission reward – regardless if they visit directly later, or click a different link from us. You plant the seed, we’ll cough up – credit where credit’s due! 

This is done by downloading a “cookie” to their browser which remembers your affiliate code whenever they visit our site again, so we’ll know it’s via you.

Easy to get started

  • Existing customer: Just click “Activate Affiliate” in your  billing portal
  • New Affiliates: signup here

      Banner Artwork

      We provide you with great-looking and highly effective banner ads for use on your own site, in your newsletters or to post on your social media. It comes pre-loaded with your own affiliate code so it’s nice and easy to get started. And we keep things fresh with great offers and new artwork regularly (updated automatically too) – so it’s easy to maintain regular income.

      Email Templates

      There’s no better way to get started than to “Send to All” – send all of your contacts a well-written email recommendation and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to rack up the commissions. You’ll be swimming in iPads and Beats headphones in no time! We also post some text from professional copywriters for social media ideas, forum posts and even tips on writing a good recommendation on a review site.

      Simple Links

      Creating your own links couldn’t be easier either. Link to any page on our website and add your affiliate link at the end – for example:

      Special Promos

      Apple Store discount

      It’s a partnership so we’ll do everything we can to help you create sales and new customers for us – of course! So we’ll create special promos and discounts to help give your audience that extra nudge as well as incentives for you to reach higher goals like invites to award ceremonies, special competitions to win fab prizes. 

      • The minimum payout is £30 / $40.
      • Commissions are paid as a credit on account and available 60 days after the customer’s order.
      • Any cancellation or refunds by the customers also cancel the commission payouts automatically.
      • Broadband and Telecom’s commission are based on both products being ordered as a bundle. Singularly, these attract 50% commissions each.
      • Only the initial order value is subject to commission – so a monthly term means you get only a percentage of the first months’ invoice.
      • Commission payment are only made in respect of new customers – those who do not already have an active account or current/prior relationship with MacAce or its associated companies.
      • Setup fees, admin fees and additional products and services outside of the scope of the Affiliate Scheme are not included.
      • Products or services purchased by the customer after the initial sale, that does not use and affiliate link are not eligible for payout.
      • MacAce reserves the right to change the terms, including the payout percentages and minimum withdrawal amount at any time giving 30 days notice.
      • The affiliate must not engage in any illegal activity, under the UK or their local laws, nor pass themselves off as an employee of MacAce.

      These are just a quick summary of the Affiliate Partner scheme terms, the full legal terms can be found here.