Hosting Terms and Conditions

There’s nothing hidden or any rules that a reasonable person wouldn’t expect. We try to be fair in terms of credit control, usage tolerance and migrations away and will always act in a manner fair to both you and us as a company.

In addition to our general abbreviated terms:

  1. Payment for all hosting services, unless agreed otherwise, is in advance. Normally paid at least 7 days prior to the renewal date to allow for any problems.
  2. Contract terms are either monthly or annually – depending on the payment frequency you select. We require 14 days notice of termination notice prior to your renewal date to avoid being charged for the following period. This can be from the primary email account but we recommend recorded mail.
  3. If you opted to pay by credit card you are agreeing to continuous authority to charge the card we hold on file (securely) until the service or contract is terminated.
  4. We guarantee 100% uptime on Quadra packages only – and will pay pro-rata compensation for website downtime of more than 10 seconds per day with a minimum of 1 day refund.
  5. All other hosting services come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, excluding scheduled maintenance. Refunds for service outside of this will be dealt with on a case by case basis – as a general rule, for extended downtime we will always part-refund if the underlying service degrades.
  6. We do not monitor the uptime of individual sites are not responsible for downtime caused by the code of your website or errors created by it (for example faulty code, new plugins which cause errors which you install or database corruption caused by faulty code)
  7. We do not permit the use of a hosting account for public FTP, peer-to-peer or file sharing.
  8. Should you decide to cancel your hosting package during your an annual contract there is no refund for unused months available. Likewise, for monthly billing periods, there is no refund for unused days. Cancellation must be in writing or by email prior to the renewal date of your hosting.
  9. Renewal of your hosting package will be automatic. You will receive an invoice 30 days prior to it’s renewal which must be paid before the renewal date.
  10. We do not charge for card declines, standing order declines or cheque bounces at present. However, should this happen on more than 3 occasions per year we reserve to right to then charge £20 per incident. Incorrect chargebacks of your card payment will be charged at £20 plus VAT (our costs)
  11. We reserve to right to ask any hosting account, giving them 30 days notice, to move their site to another provider for any reason we see fit (whilst this will only be in extreme cases). We will refund any full months paid. We will terminate accounts without notice for users sending spam or using their email or hosting facilities for illegal activities with no refund.

100% uptime guarantee (Quadra packages only)

Our system monitors the availability of a sample of websites hosting on each cluster 10 seconds. Quadra packages use a very sophisticated array of routers, servers and load balancers to distribute the load and automatically route around any individual system failure – effectively there are four of every system in order to significantly reduce the likelihood of a single failure causing an outage (in fact 75% of the system needs to fail for an outage to occur).  Quadra servers are proactively monitored around the clock and an independent backup server and an offsite backup server and 90 days of snapshot backups are available at all times to take over – some of which is automatic. However, whilst we take every effort to avoid a failure, it is statistically possible in extreme circumstances.

Money Back Guarantee (Quadra packages only)

If you are not entirely satisfied with your Quadra hosting during your first 3 months with us, we will refund you 100% of monies paid so far (excluding domain registrations and other services).