Award winning 24/7 support

Support and personal services is at the heart of our service. You won't be a number, you'll always receive our prompt and friendly help. Support lines are UK based and open 8am-Midnight weekdays and 10am-6pm on weekends.

Uptime Guarantee

So confident are we in the reliability of our broadband network and our commitment to resolving faults quickly, we'll not charge you if your broadband goes down (terms apply).

LightSpeed Home Fibre Broadband for Mac

Making light work of your Internet connection...

LightSpeed™ is our premium Fibre-optic broadband package. With unrestricted speeds of up to 40Mbps down and up to 10Mbps upload - typically up to 20 times faster than regular ADSL broadband - your Internet experience will never be the same again. Totally unlimited with award-winning technical support from Mac experts.

What speed will I get?


Great ADSL for Mac
Especially for Mac
No Limits or Restrictions
100% Uptime Guarantee
Award-winning, fast,
Mac support
Fastest Speeds - 40Mbps
Premium Email included
10Mbps upload option
Save even more with our great OneVoice Line Rental


No Limits, No Restrictions

With true unlimited Fibre broadband - you don't have to worry about usage limits or restrictions. Perfect for modern everyday use with no need to worry about downloading, streaming or browsing.

Up to 40Mbps fibre broadband

Standard speeds are 40Mbps down and 2Mbps upload - but you can increase the upload speeds to 10Mbps with our LightSpeed Pro package - delivering a blistering 10Mbps - perfect for heavier FTP uploads or VPN home-office solution. 80Mbps services also available as part of our Business Lightspeed family

Courtesy 3G Broadband

Think of it as a courtesy car for when your broadband's being mended. When there is a problem, we'll provide you with courtesy 3G broadband for WiFi and Ethernet broadband to help you through any extended broadband issues that might arise - free of charge.

Quality Email service included

Often an afterthought or omission from most ISP's broadband service, but not at MacAce. Proper email, properly managed, with all the proper security and safety build in - and comprehensive spam and virus filtering built-in.

OneVoice - low cost calls and line rental

Cheaper and fairer price than BT with lower monthly rental, much lower call costs (often 50% cheaper), per second billing and no call connection charges make our line rental and calls packages good, honest value for money. No hidden extra, upfront pricing. If you're not sure what package would be best for you, contact us and we'll let you know your options.

Prices below are for the Fibre broadband element of our inclusive phone+broadband package.

  • LightSpeed Classic
  • £30 /mo.
  • 40Mbps down / 2Mbps up
  • FREE
  • Special Offer: £60
  • +£15.00 /month (total £45)
  • £ 35 / month
  • + £6 /month (total £51)
  • LightSpeed Pro
  • £35 /mo.
  • 40Mbps down / 10Mbps up
  • FREE
  • Special Offer: £60
  • +£15.00 /month (total £50)
  • £40 /month
  • + £6 /month (total £56)
All prices inclusive of VAT
Example: LightSpeed Classic unlimited broadband, line rental and unlimited Uk calls - total £41 per month plus a £60 setup fee (nomally £99). inclusive of VAT. Typical speeds are between 30-38Mbps off-peak and 23-32 Mbps peak. New Fibre products are a 12 month minimum contract, migrations are 1 month rolling contract. Full terms and conditions available here. 3G courtesy broadband is subject to availability and has limits - intended only for light Internet and email use - return postage is the customers responsibility.

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