Domain Registration and Conditions

There’s nothing hidden or any rules that a reasonable person wouldn’t expect. Please see specific guideline for UK and international domain names below also.

In addition to our general abbreviated terms and our full legal terms and conditions:

  1. Payment for domain registration and renewal is annually (or more if you select a longer period) in advance and must be paid prior to renewal.
  2. The default setting for our billing system is for domain auto-renewal set to on. You can change this on each domain.
  3. You will receive a renewal reminder 30 days and 14 days prior to renewal. Unless you have auto-renew turned on and a valid payment method set up, your domain will not be renewed when it expires and may be registered by someone else.
  4. Once registered the domain belongs to you and is registered in your name. Whilst we will be the admin and technical contact for you for the domain, you are free to move it anywhere you like and we will not charge you to move your domain away from us. As registrant, you have ultimate control of who’s nameservers and the contacts details are set for each domain.
  5. You can choose to protect the information our registrar’s publish on their whois information by upgrading to privacy options on your domains. Please see our price list for details of these charges.
  6. We do not permit registering of domains for illegal purposes.
  7. Domain names cannot be changed or refunded once registered for you.
  8. You can transfer any domain away from us as a registrar free of charge. We will not transfer domains if your account has any balance outstanding.

Nominet-specific terms (for .co.uk and other .uk domains)

In addition to our terms an conditions as registrars for your domain name you must also agree to the Nominet terms and conditions, available here. Nominet are a not-for-profit organisation in charge of dealing with all .uk domain names for the UK. MacAce.net are members of Nominet and adhere to their codes of practice.

Other terms

Likewise other countries have terms and conditions for the registration of their national domains (like .it for italy or .fr for france etc). Registration of other domains are also subject to acceptance the relevant terms and conditions applicable for that country or registrar.