We found them!

The hunt it over, we found them – they were here all along. What they were plotting is a brand new venture called SAUCE Media Ltd – a new company setup to focus our Developers efforts into creating amazing website, apps and intranet solutions for businesses via a network of creative partners – thus forming the perfect ingredients for these types of projects. See more at the SAUCE website.
Thanks for playing along with the teaser marketing campaign, we hope that by involving our customers in our actual launch, we’d already made an impression…

Secret Service Dossier released

We’re getting closer to finding them! Our own secret service has sent out a TOP SECRET dossier to agents around the county that might have intelligence or sightings of the three (possibly four?) fugitives. Approach with caution, this gang are dangerous – especially with trailing backslashes and semantic elements.

Gang leader spotted in Worcester…

Facial recognition technology has been deployed on our super-powerful suite of Mac II FX’s to scour the country looking for these fugitive Web Developers in the hope of tracing their movements. And we got a hit!

James, “The Leader”, has been spotted in Worcester loading what we believe are bottles – unsure whether empty or full – into a white van, registration number K37U CHP. If you see this van let us know on our facebook or twitter feeds with the hashtag #mydevelopershavegonemissing. There’s a plan afoot, we just need to figure out what they’re up to…

Bottles Haul Found

Our secret service team have been conducting a thorough search of the missing developer team “lair” and discovered a hidden room which looks like it’s been used to store hundreds, possibly thousands, of bottles. Yes, just bottles. Wierd…

Latest CCTV footage of suspects/missing persons

These are the best recent pictures we have of the 3 main suspects (or “missing persons” if you really want to). Top left is Alex – he’s the frontend guy – known to be highly dangerous with DIV tags. Bottom right is “The German” – who we believe’s real name is Stefan. His secret weapon is HTML and has been known to throw cascading style sheets around like they are rag dolls. The main picture on the right is James – he’s “The Leader” (although there are rumours there’s another). When it comes to coding, James is the full works, the real deal, the dogs… well, you get the idea. Remember, this gang should be considered EXTREMELY USEFUL, so keep a look out….

A calling card found in abandoned flat

So we’ve managed to gain access to one of my developers flats. It’s completely cleaned out, nothing there at all apart from a kitchen cupboard full of empty bottles (like REALLY full!), some broken scientific equipment and this calling card on the wall. I think they know we may be hunting them down. I’ll post anything else I find that might be useful.

Someone on twitter thought the numbers on the wall might be a code of some sort. They’re developers so perhaps Hex or ASCII or some other blibberish. Any what’s the “Bottling Room” all about? I’m sure we’ll find them eventually. Intelligence reports are due later with a possible sighting….

My developers have escaped!

my developers have gone missing - prison cell clue

I can’t find my normally very loyal, very capable and experienced web developers since Tuesday. We’ve built up a great team that’s mainly worked on internal projects for the past 6 years whilst also helping our customers with their web development and coding requirements – with great success. They left their current digs like this. It looks like they’ve been planning something for a while. We’ve setup this website blog to follow our progress in finding them. I’m also going to get our own special investigations unit on the case finding them. They’re a very clever bunch so keep your eyes peeled…

Follow us on Twitter@macacedotnet and facebook.com/macacedotnet to keep uptodate – if you see or hear anything, or can figure out what’s going on, please let me know.

Thanks, Gary Hall (CEO MacAce)