About Us

We aim to provide the quality of services
we’d all expect ourselves at prices we’d expect to pay.

We’re a UK Mac specialist internet service and telecommunications provider with a world class network and a team of fanatical Apple professionals on hand to help. We believe in our services and back them up with around-the-clock support and Money-Back guarantee.

Just like Apple themselves, we try to innovate. And just like their products, we aim to offer high quality user-friendly services to all Mac-based businesses. Our clients range from your average family with broadband, a massive creatives following and some of the largest companies in the world. When we design a service, we are certainly not afraid to think different.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide premium internet products and services – how we expect them ourselves – and to be treated
as if we were the customer.

Robustly Reliable

All services must perform as near to 100% of the time as humanly possible and with the fewest single points of failure. We invest heavily in the very finest hardware and most talented staff to ensure this.


We should maximise profit and hence add value to our customers by being efficient in all that we do. This includes systems management, time management and resources.

High Quality Support

Support should be available, informed and friendly. No long call queues and supplied by our own knowledgable staff that can help fix problems quickly and efficiently.

No Hard Sell

No pressure sales and no up-selling of services to customers if they don’t need them. We will always provide our customers with real, unbiased advice for products and services.


As fast as anyone else’s services, and then some!


Policies from pricing to credit control should be fair. We should always put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and try to see things from their perspective where possible.

Good Value

Products and services should represent good value for money.


We should listen to customers’ views and requirements and accommodate where possible.


Pricing and policies should be easy to understand with no hidden extras or unfair clauses.

Environmentally Aware

It’s ludicrous to call an IT business “green” – but we can do what we can to help conserve the environment wherever practical and possible

Network Map

A super-fast UK, European and Worldwide network

Global Reach

International Mac ISP Uk and USA

With our primary datacentre based in Telehouse London, the most interconnected internet hub in Europe, we employ fibre links via the world’s fastest and most respected carriers – giving our network a fast path to every corner of the planet. We run dual LINX feeds and have dedicated transit to our other UK and US datacentres. We can safely say we run one of the fastest internet networks in the UK and US.

Latest Equipment

Hosting servers are latest and fastest

Our policy is to maintain the latest and fastest virtualised systems on super powerful hardware from the likes of CISCO, Enhance, SuperMicro, Intel and Apple. With massive RAID arrays for storage and backup, use of mSATA caching SSDs throughout and around the clock multi-point monitoring, we pride ourselves in a system that can suffer a 75% complete failure without disruption to service. Our core systems have over £1/4 million hardware powering them with continual investment and upgrades.

Resilience and Backups

Mac web hosting with backups

With expert storage management we employ multiple backups of all systems and websites across several datacentres at once. Together with snapshotting our Virtual Servers we are very well prepared for any eventuality, including multiple and complete datacentre failures. We’ve always got at least 3 duplicates of all our systems backed up as well as employing clustering and load balancing where we can to ensure maximum uptime and speed.


Secure Email host

All of our datacentres conform to the highest ISO security standards. Our primary network, for example. is in a fully secured enclosed compound with CCTV, strict access control, fire suppression and is one of the most secure buildings in Europe. Our networks are protected with the latest software and monitored around the clock.

History Timeline

  • 1989

    MacAce DTP is established as a Desktop Publishing company using Mac SE’s, Quark, Photoshop and Illustrator 88. One of the first dedicated Mac-design companies in the UK.
  • 1996

    MacAce is created as a new company and becomes an Apple Authorised Reseller and Service Centre providing sales and consultancy locally. We also embark on dial-up internet services.
  • 1998

    MacAce.net is launched as “The Mac-only ISP” – serving the Mac community in the UK with Mac-specific support.
  • 2003

    We pioneer geo-redundant hosting or “cloud computing” as it known today. First UK company to offer 100% hosting uptime.
  • 2009

    MacAce wins its first award of many to follow – “MacWorld Best ISP” and retains the title to this day. A string of other awards follow.
  • 2012

    MacMate – our easy-to-use cloud services – is launched to replace Apple’s MobileMe and .mac services.
  • 2013

    MacMate exhibits at MacWorld San Francisco.
  • 2014

    MacAce launches its unique Quadra clustered hosting solution and wins “Best Web Host” at the ISPAs.
  • 2015

    MacMate adds Managed WordPress hosting and WebBuilder Live as hosting options.
  • 2016

    We’ve got lots of exciting new things planned and in the pipeline 🙂

Our Team

Gary Hall
CEO / Founder

A hardcore Apple fan from his teens. Having only ever worked for MacAce since joining the design agency as it was back then in the early '90s (on work experience no less) and progressing through to Sales Director of the Apple Reseller and Service Centre, to founding MacAce as an ISP as it is today. Knows a lot about Apple, probably an unhealthy amount... (see how long before that comment is edited out)

Hand-on role with many aspects of the company as well as managing - including the techy systems bits.
Business Management, Mac, Linux, Advanced Networks, Design and Marketing
A-Levels, Apple Authorised Hardware and Software Engineer, RIPE Acredited.
Exploring the beautiful Cornish coastline, home automation, and tech in general. Used to love mountain biking, but not fit enough any more.
Apple Set Up At Home
iMac i5, MacBook Pro with iPads and Apple TVs dotted everywhere
James Brown
Lead Web Developer

Although you wouldn't guess from the pictures, some say James is allergic to garlic, silver and daylight - all we know is he's called James. Having joined our growing team just as we were launching MacMate as a junior web developer, he has progressed through our rankings to become our lead web developer overseeing all of our custom websites, control panels and continuing the evolution of MacMate. You'll often find him with his head buried in an iPad reading all the F1 news - surely there's not that much F1 news??

Full stack developer for MacMate and internal MacAce web applications.
UX & UI Design, Frontend & Backend Development, System Architecture
BSc Hons in Web Applications Development
Cinema, Web Technologies , Gaming, Home Improvements and F1.
Apple Set Up At Home
MacBook Pro, iPad mini & iPhone
Lewis Camps
Technical Support Manager

Tinkering with electronics and computers since childhood, Lewis has always had a keen interest in technology.
Although only in his 20's (yeah yeah rub it in Lewis), he's been configuring and modifying computers since the Pentium 4 days before finally discovering the sheer beauty of Apple Macs when he joined MacAce. A keen interest in Vinyl records too - something about Thin Lizzie, whoever she is?

Managing the Support Team to maintain our high levels of customer care.
System diagnostics, hardware and software maintenance, Mac, Windows and Linux (we're not really allowed to mention Windows Lewis...)
BSc Computing (Hons) , BTEC IT Practitioners (Level 3)
Collecting and listening to music (especially on Vinyl), tinkering with all things tech, and a bit of photography.
Apple Set Up At Home
MacBook Pro, Mac Mini (Media Server) as well as Apple TV's and iPhones/iPads.
Emily Bullock
Accounts Administrator

Country-girl Emily has 5 years experience working in an Accounting practice before joining MacAce in 2015 to lead the Billing and Accounts department. A natural flair for numbers and a keen ear, Emily fits in well with our ethos of excelling with customer service. Don't let her friendly and helpful nature catch you off guard, she grows horns and turns green when in credit control mode...

Handles all aspects of the billing and accounts department - needs an assistant soon she says!
Accounts & Finance
AAT Level 2 & 3, Business Diploma
Exploing the outdoors, socialising with friends
Apple Set Up At Home
iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone
Stefan Machno
Graphic Design Guru

Stefan's from Germany but fell in love with the UK and Cornwall in his teens and moved to Cornwall in 2015, joining MacAce soon after. Officially recognised as the only German with a sense of humour, he puts some of us Brits to shame with his joyful charisma sometimes! He says he came here for the surf, but we think that MacAce was calling.... He paces around the office muttering "Ich liebe es , hier zu arbeiten" - whatever that means.

I make everything at MacAce look nice and design the user-experience of online tools (like MacMate and Billing etc). Besides that, I teach my colleagues some German.
Design, UX / UI, Adobe Creative Cloud
Abitur (German A-Level), Degree as a Media Designer Digital/Print
Surfing, Basketball, Gaming, Practicing English slang.
Apple Set Up At Home
MacBook Pro
Pete Smith
Technical Support Engineer & Solutions Expert

Pete's our "young veteran" having been a valued part of MacAce since 2011. Always the happiest guy in the office and a favourite of customers. In between laughing and joking he's a determined and helpful Support Engineer that's more of a complete solutions expert nowadays. Pete's also the only member of MacAce to have been alive during the moon landings.

Technical Support & Sales
Web Development, Video & Photography
Life. Kids and Wife. Nuff said.
VR photography + Video Editing, After affects.
Apple Set Up At Home
MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone, iPad
Alex Madgwick
Web Developer

Alex has been into web development for almost 20 years, and turned it into a career almost 10 years ago. A newbie to the MacAce family as he only joined in January 2016, now has freedom to let his years of experience flourish here. Officially our sharpest nerf-gunner too.

Help build the exiting features in MacMate and other MacAce products... and disagreeing with James!
UX design, scripting and backend development with a sprinkling of Linux systems admin.
Unqualified heathen
Taking a stroll across the stunning Bodmin Moor on the doorstep, taking in the views and seeking out a Geocache or two!
Apple Set Up At Home
The "black sheep" of MacAce... They won't let me talk about my Windows or Linux setups! (Alex, have you told Gary about this yet?)
Charlie Hofman
Technical Support Apprentice

Charlies our young Mac-fan and Jedi apprentice. So young in fact we're suprised he didn't list his age as 18 and a half. When he's not making tea, you'll probably find him helping customers and digging in helping as much as possible. Be gentle, he's still learning, bless him. The force is strong in this one...

Technical Support Apprentice
Fast learner, Some technical knowledge
A Level IT Practitioners (Level 3) , 5 GCSE’s.
Socialising - Football - Technical interests - Gaming
Apple Set Up At Home
iMac i5, MacBook i5